Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate in which your body burns energy. Herbalife's metabolism boosting products are invented to support weight loss efforts and give the maximum advantage in losing an extra calorie. Skipping meal slows down the metabolism and which indeed decreases the process of loosing weight and gathering desired body type.

Herbalife shake in the morning insures your metabolism get to work and you start burning calories. Never skip meals if your goal is to lose weight. Follow the Herbalife plan, 2 shakes and 1 main meal a day. Eat 2 small snacks like a Herbalife protein bar and you keep your metabolism working all day.

Since researches proved that proper exercise helps to burn more calories during day and night time we advise you to exercise for 30 minutes 5 times a week.

Herbalife Total control represents this category effectively by making its sale the most in this category. This advanced metabolism support formula maximizes weight-loss results by delivering green tea extract and yerba mate, ginger with 11 other boosting herbs for maximum results. Free from ephedra this new Total Control promotes weight loss without causing irritability or restlessness. You can reach your weight-loss goal easily and comfortably. A powerful herbal enhancer for more effective weight loss. Add Total Control to you program and you get an extra boost.

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